Ways to treat Erectile Dysfunction


According to some recent studies, up to half of men, over 50 years, are suffering from erectile dysfunction. At around the age of 40 and 50, about 40 percent are suffering with the condition. And at 70 years, up 70 percent of men experience the condition.

The most common treatment include pharmaceutical, implants, surgery, and even pumps. However, it is more advisable to adapt options that are more natural. In fact, researchers have found that natural methods are effective and do not have any other side effect.

When dealing with erectile dysfunction, your doctor should ensure that you receive the right treatment for any condition, which could be the predisposing factor of this condition. There are a number of options that could be used to treat erectile dysfunction. However, there are a number of factors, such as underlying health problem and severity of your condition, that determine the right treatment for your erectile dysfunction. Your doctor and your partner play an important role in choosing the right medication. Doctors understand benefits and risks of each of the treatments. He will help you to choose the right option.

Oral treatments

Oral erectile dysfunction treatment, such as Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and verdenafil, has been the most successful erectile dysfunction treatment. All these oral treatment works in almost the same way. They enhance the effects of natural chemicals, such as nitric oxide, produced in the body to relax penis muscles. These ensure more blood flow and better erection during sexual stimulation. All these three oral treatment have different dosage specification and time it takes. Furthermore, they also have different side effects.

Some possible side effects include nasal congestion, flushing, visual changes, headache, and stomach upset. While oral erectile dysfunction treatment may solve the condition directly, you may need to work with your doctor closely to determine the right medication for you.

Before you consider taking any erectile dysfunction treatment prescription, seek advices from the doctor. Although these prescriptions have been proven to treat the condition for most men, not all men can take erectile treatment. Among men who should not take erectile dysfunction treatment are those using nitrate drugs, normally prescribed for chest pain, and those taking blood-thinning medication such as alpha-blockers. Other who should not take erectile dysfunction medication drugs are those suffering from heart failure, stroke, very low blood pressure, uncontrolled high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Other medication for erectile dysfunction includes Alprostadil self-injection, Alprostadil penis suppository, Testosterone replacemet, and penis pumps, surgery and implants. With Alprostadil self-injection, a fine needle if provided to inject Alprostadil into either the base or side of penis. In most cases, other treatments used to solve the same problem can be used with Alphostadil, but can also be used alone.

Alprosdatil penis suppository therapy involves insertion of a tiny alprostadil suppository in to the penile urethra using a special applicator. Erection normally starts after 10 minutes and last for about 45 minutes. Its side effects include minor bleeding in the urethra, pain, and formation of fibrous tissue in the penis.

In a case where erectile dysfunction is as a result of stress and depressions, it is advisable that you visit psychologist or counselor.

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